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“Just got my sage spray from Acacia Wellness!! The whole room just got better; thank you for such a great product❤️  ” - Soyini


"I use the sage spray on my candles and it’s a good product."- Akia, age 14 


“I gifted the Magnolia and Wealth sage to my sister and niece for Mother’s Day. They both love the products. My niece told me she had a friend on a kidney transplant list for two years. She was giving him a ride home from work and the ancestors told her to spray the wealth sage in the car and near him. Two days later he received a match! I highly recommend!” – Nicole Renee


"I will preface this with the fact that I love Sierra, but my love doesn't keep me from being honest about my experience with her product. This sage is AMAZING! I use it for my entire family, and I take it with me wherever I go. Each scent is uniquely made, and it is truly refreshing to use. I would highly recommend trying each one." -Naki


“I love these sprays. Each is unique and distinct in their own right. A perfect start to my day and a special way to compliment, as well as uplift my spirit! My personal favorite is the Magnolia Sage spray as I just love the sweet scent of Magnolia mixed with Sage- just cannot get enough of it! In-Joy them all and be blessed in so many ways!” - Nancy


“This oil is awesome!!! Thank you Sierra and Nate for introducing this to me it helped me out in so many ways!!!” -Julius


“Beautiful products self-wealth sage spray and. Serene and fresh Sage spray. If you really want to complete the cleansing of negative and bring in positive energy, get you this product. God said faith without works is dead. It is truly positive to uplift our fellow men and women to live a productive and loving life.” ~ Faaizah

"The oil I received is truly blessed. It's a gift that keeps on giving." -Mapack

“I just recently moved to a smoke-free building and missed the routine and scent of saging myself and my space. Acacia Health Wellness sprays came into my life at the perfect time! They are high in quality, they smell amazing and most important my personal energetic field and place feels cleansed after use. I highly recommend this line of products to anyone who is looking to feel renewed and refreshed. “  - N. R. Bailey