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Even in the most uncertain times, it’s possible to make change, to create and to innovate, but often it first requires that we focus our own energies. For Sierra Leone and Nate Leone, this energy is channeled into helping others focus their own energy and find their path to innovation, success, and healing. Healing has often been the center of Sierra and Nate’s work and partnership. With 25 years of combined experience, they have cultivated their time-tested strategy, by manifesting the act of healing into poetry, performance, and education. Now, Sierra and Nate offer their transformative healing abilities to the community through a new venture: Acacia Health and Wellness.

Acacia Health and Wellness is a unique experience founded by Sierra and Nate Leone that focuses on products and services that facilitate healing. Acacia’s sage sprays and essential oils are designed to awaken the senses rather than overpower them. They allow for moments of clarity and contemplation to serve as fueling energy for the work that needs to be done, whether it’s activism, study, or relaxation.

The purpose of Sierra and Nate’s work is to revive, enhance, and raise the morale of the greater community, and they use that mission as a blueprint when navigating their work. When faced with the environment of an international pandemic and mass racial injustice, it’s important to maintain a sense of direction and vision.

When asked about creating something new in an era of unprecedented circumstances, Sierra says “I have been punishing myself for not fitting into my pre Covid-19 vision of myself. When I let go of who I was thinking I needed to be, I was able to expand.” Sierra says that creating Acacia’s initial line of sage sprays and essential oils has been a way to create a different kind of art to respond to a personal and community-wide need to process pain and create change. “As artists, we have to be open to the form in which the art comes. Sometimes that’s not what the artist or the audience expects, but as humans and artists, we must go forward without permission and respond to that call,” she says, noting that the work of urban creative arts must continue to evolve and transform to meet the needs of its audience, especially during extraordinary times. “I had to do something that brought me ease and could bring others ease as they navigate this new reality that’s part nightmare but also offers us opportunity,” says Sierra.

“Reclaiming our power in a time of need has allowed us to fully develop a product that supports energy centering, inspires creativity and healing.  We look forward to Acacia Health and Wellness being supportive today and, in the future,” says Nate.  

 Acacia Health and Wellness products are available to order now at the newly launched https://acaciahealthandwellness.com, created in partnership with Wright State University’s O’NEIL Center. “Although more physical than poetry and performance,” says Sierra, “this is art that can be utilized in much the same spirit, as you’re marching or protesting, or as you’re lobbying and standing on the front line in your community, or as you’re sitting with your own need for healing.”


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